Tips On Starting Your Own Garden

As you all know, it can be challenging to start your own garden. The reason behind this is because of the number of decisions that you need to make and consider. These decisions will help you to come up with a great gardening plan.

Typically, some of the most significant questions that you need to know is the how you are planning to use the area. You also need to picture out the kind of garden that you want. Of course, money and time are both important when it comes to choosing a decision.

In this article by Marie Iannotti will help us with all the basic things that we need to know when it comes to gardening:

Where to begin? First, you need to choose a good site. The amount of sun exposure and access to water will play a big part in what plants you’ll be able to grow.

Another good place to begin a new garden is with the soil. This may not be the most fun part of gardening, but as the saying goes: “Feed the soil and the plants will take care of themselves.” You’ll need to assess what type of soil you have and what, if anything, it needs. You can get your soil tested for a nominal fee at your local Cooperative Extension office and sometimes at a good nursery. Continue reading full post here…

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